Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project Compost: Thought I Should Add...

Common Weeds by SParadigm

The method of composting that I use, as outlined here and here, will leave you with volunteer plants. The heat generated in the bins isn't generally sufficient to kill off seeds that may be added to your compost bin, so be prepared for lots of tomato seedlings popping up in the warmer months. Not such a biggie for me, but for others maybe.

Also, that means I can't or don't compost weeds that have gone to seed or are in flower. Otherwise I spread the little buggers all over the garden. Yes, this isn't ideal but there's time issues at play. And I have limited time to deal with my compost bins. So the weeds get binned at this point. But I'm thinking of going the worm farm route soon, so maybe our slippery friends can munch on the weeds? I don't know. Will have to find out.

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  1. Brooke, yes I have the same problem, at the moment I bin too but in the past I have recycled weeds by placing into a 20litre bucket with a tight fitted lid. Covering weeds well with water. Stir whenever you remember, keep stored in a cool and if possible covered space. Eventually the weeds will break down almost completely to a mush. The resulting liquid makes a great tea with which to liquid fertilize your plants...make sure you dilute first. Good luck, enjoy your blog.
    If interested you can check out my composting experience here


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