Monday, March 14, 2011

Renovation Nation: Slow progress is still progress, right?

Such a lovely weekend, if not a little hectic. I had a fantabulous birthday (thank you for the birthday wishes!! X) with some shopping time to be had, some coffee to be drunk and the most amazing meal I've ever had, at Como. In short, I was spoilt.

Then we spent Sunday painting the first part of the house exterior, in preparation for the water tanks to go in later this week. Crazy, right? We spent a day painting the house only to have it covered permanently by water tanks! 

At least it meant we had to finally decide on a colour for the outside of the house. We went with Gracieux from Wattyl. A nice, soft grey. And for the record, the white trim isn't finished - that's only the undercoat. I'm not that dodgy a painter!!


Then this morning, bright and very very early (sorry neighbours) the excavator turned up to remove the slab. Finally, I feel we're making progress again!

We'll probably turf the area this weekend or next, just to keep it tidy til spring when we sort out the gardens/vege patch.

We were going to get the deck done soon, but our dear friends the Bank are engaging in some douchebaggery and we may need to do the kitchen first. Will find out more later this week. Not to worry, it's all fun and games. And, really, good problems to have.

I hope you had lovely, productive weekends yourselves? x

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