Thursday, March 3, 2011

Small Touches: Herb Bouquets

I love love love cut flowers in the house. Love. Them.

But for two reasons I don't often buy them: 1) I don't have the extra cash and they are definitely a luxury and 2) I'm a bit iffy on the environmental impact of producing them and the pesticides used in growing them. But they're so pretty.

A while ago I came across the sweetest show, called The Edible Garden. In one episode, Alys the quirky-girl host gave her friend a delightful edible herb bouquet as a house-warming present. I don't have enough herbs to do that but did try an oregano and rosemary bunch in a vase near the door. And, lordy, does it smell good and earthy and herbacious in our house. This is definitely something I'll keep doing.

Oregano and rosemary in our hallway. Smells loverly.

Some more herby inspiration on this dreary day:

Herb and Chilli Bouquet from Tregothnan Shop

Gorgeous greens from Mermaids and Martinis

From the Natural Wedding Company

Love me a good wreath too, from Natural Home Magazine

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