Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Succulent Planter

I've already lamented the fact that I didn't buy the beautiful powder-blue chamber pot at the vintage shop over the weekend (probably the only time "beautiful" and "chamber pot" will appear in the same sentence on this blog). My non-buyer's remorse has had me online, searching for quirky planter ideas that I can use instead, but all it's done is made me determined to get back to Windsor as soon as possible to see if the chamber pot is still there.

Either way, I've decided I'll be putting a little collection of succulents and cactus in quirky planters both inside and out once we start to, you know, actually buy some plants.

Succulents are such a good choice for both indoor and outdoor planting (particularly if there's a little cover or shade around - many don't love full sun) and they provide a pop of colour and personality wherever they sit. They're drought-tolerant and low-low-maintenance (only no-maintenance plant is a dead one or a plastic one, I'm afraid), they're also really easy to propagate (snap a section off a healthy plant, leave in a sunny protected area for a few days and then plant out into a pot of well draining succulent mix) and pretty tolerant of disease and pests.

I love love love the indoor cactus collection on Hindsvik (below) but also am keen to put together some different succulents in teacups and other containers on the front deck. I plan on having quite a few pots with a few types of plants, and these would look super cute in amongst.

Inspiration via Hindsvik blog

Super cute. Will try. via Green Renters
Cardboard takeaway container planter - directions on Instructibles
Wearable Planter by Colleen Jordan

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