Thursday, March 24, 2011

Project Compost: A Handy Tip

Raindrop from Life is a Pea

Lovely reader Sweet Pea of Life is a Pea contacted me recently about a possible solution to my can't-compost-weeds problem.
"in the past I have recycled weeds by placing into a 20litre bucket with a tight fitted lid. Covering weeds well with water. Stir whenever you remember, keep stored in a cool and if possible covered space. Eventually the weeds will break down almost completely to a mush. The resulting liquid makes a great tea with which to liquid fertilize your plants...make sure you dilute first. Good luck!"
I will absolutely be trying this over the coming weeks. After all this rain we've had an explosion of weedy growth (who am I kidding?! it's always weedy around here!) and I plan to tackle the weeding/feeding/mulching sometime soon.

I'll be sure to let you know how we go too.

Thanks Sweet Pea!! x

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