Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Green Living: Fabric Nappies

No, they're not for everyone. Yes, I am quite keen on them. Yes, I do wash slightly more often. No, I don't find them gross 'cause, well, there's poo in them regardless of what they're made of.

There's a growing number of cloth mamas around, and also a lot of mamas who are interested but overwhelmed, so I thought I could share what I've done to get on the cloth bandwagon, and hope that this may help someone.

I know there's a bazillion different brands out there now, but I found one I liked and just stuck with them. I ordered a test pack to make sure they worked and fit properly and then I just went ahead and ordered enough for three days. (Like I've said before, giving yourself endless options doesn't make your decision quicker, likely the opposite).

I use Bambooty nappies on both of my kids. I've got 3 days' worth in small, medium and large and I very rarely have to revert to using disposables (although I do keep a pack for upset-tummy-emergencies or rainy-week happenings).

I opt to use the flushable liner in my kids' nappies as it does make getting rid of poo a little easier so I just pop in in the loo on my way to the laundry.

(In the interests of safety and hygiene I keep the dirty nappy bucket in the laundry.) I use a dry bucket to keep dirty nappies, so I just spray them with a tea-tree oil and water mix and pop them straight in the bucket. The bucket gets washed and sprayed with vinegar on washing day and I sprinkle bicarb in the bottom to get rid of any smells.

On washing day I use a half-strength scoop of environmentally-friendly laundry powder (it's the only time I use it - on Bambooty's suggestion) and a sprinkle of bicarb. No vinegar in the wash as it can affect the absorption quality of the nappies. I make sure to wash using 60C water (again, the only time I wash in anything other than cold water) which is hot enough to kill any bacteria.

It really is simple once you find your groove, just like any new routine.

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