Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The weekend just gone was a really insanely wet one, and I think it was only by sheer determination that I got outside and did a little bit in the garden. My rain jacket got a workout, put it that way, but it made me oh-so-ridiculously-happy.

I planted a flapjack in the chamberpot. It looked a lot healthier at the nursery, so I don't have high hopes for it, but we'll see how it fares.

I also dug up the liriope from the garden, where we plonked it about a year ago. We knew nothing about gardening then (still know very little now) and thought it was a native. It's not. And it would also take over the garden if we left it there, so out she came. I divided it into two and put it into two old pots though, which will go to the front deck.

We have a long, empty stretch of garden bed where my beautiful lavenders died off late last year (the shame!!). Too much water then not enough water meant very sad plants. We're not entirely sure what to put there yet, so rather than waste money I decided to throw a few snapdragon seeds in there for some winter flowers. I merrily emptied the packet in the turned soil and watered in well. Then I read the packet and saw that I had just planted 1500 snapdragon seeds. 1500! If it's not a spectacular display of colour then I will feel mightily ripped off. Of the 1500 I'd expect at least 12 of those seeds to give me some flowers. That's what I get for gardening in the semi-dark at 7:30 on Saturday night though, I guess!

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