Friday, March 11, 2011

Beauty Tips: Homemade Body Mist

Orange Tower by Leo Druker

OK, I have something ridiculous to admit. We're barely past the first week of autumn and already my mind is turning to winter. And not in a good way. I really, really, hate winter. I get depressed and crotchety and generally miserable in the cold, grey weather with its silly short days.

I'm already dreading it. And it's basically still summer. Ridic.

One of the fine things about the cold weather though is the amazing oranges. I do love oranges. The smell, the taste, the zing. Even the bits that get caught in my teeth. In fact, when I was pregnant with Isla and couldn't stand any synthetic fragrances at all, the only thing I wanted to smell and to smell like was oranges. Strange, yes.

I do wish I had come across this easy-peasy recipe for a homemade body mist back then:

Add approximately 10 drops of orange essential oil (any essential oil of your choosing is fine though - lavender would be beautiful too) to a sterilised spray bottle.
(To sterilise, simply immerse in boiling water for a few minutes)
Top up the bottle with distilled water.
Shake, and use it as a subtle fragrance or invigorating body spray whenever needed.

Nice one. This should lift my sunshine levels come July.  But in the meantime, time to enjoy the heat.

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