Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy-Making: Campfires

There's something truly hypnotic about campfires. Whenever Sparky and I go camping I'm the one who is all, "Is it time to light the fire yet? Really? Just because it's 11am, I can't light the fire and sit around it and drink red wine? Are you sure?" I even remember having quite an argument with Sparky after we tried (and failed) to light a campfire in. the. rain. I got quite emotional. In my defence, I was pregnant.

Camping is absolutely one of my favourite things to do. It's just so damn relaxing. The toughest decisions of the day are based around food, fire, beverages and marshmallows. What's not to like?! This is so what I'd like to be doing this weekend:

Instead, we just received a delivery of 3 cubic metres of topsoil that needs to be shifted to the backyard and laid down where the slab used to be. We're turfing next weekend so we need to get it sorted tomorrow. So Saturday is all about the shovel, shovel, shovel, push wheelbarrow, dump, rake, rake, rake. Rinse and repeat. I'd also like to do some more paint prep but we shall see. I'd also really love love love to do something garden related, as I feel the autumn planting season slipping away from me, but I should probably just fertilise the plants we have. (Remember, the beginning and end of the footy season are the ideal times to prune, fertilise and mulch your native garden. Just make sure you use a native-friendly fertiliser.)

Hopefully Sunday we can go for a drive and see some lovely people, drink some coffee, maybe go for a walk. There's some easy bushwalks around here that we've never done, so we'll see.

Hope you have a fabulously wonderful weekend!! x

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