Friday, March 11, 2011

Second-Hand Clothing Store Score!

Vintage is a catchier phrase than "second-hand clothing", I'm sure you'd agree, but there is not much vintage about the amazing finds I had at our local vintage/retro/second-hand clothing store during the week.

I have a kid swap with one of my sisters that gives each of us a few hours smalls-free once a fortnight. It's awesome. Just a few hours to ourselves, to go for a walk, have a coffee, read the paper, browse the shops - whatever.

Anyway, I found three great tops and one brand new dress for $40. Colour me stoked! Check it out:

mustard blouse = $9

cliche, yes, but i really, truly love stripes. sucker for stripes. plus this tee was only $6.

brand new dress = $17. looks frumpy off but cute on.

apple print top from wesc (one of my favourite labels) = $8. so chuffed.

I also found a couple of glass jars at the local Vinnies for the princely sum of $2.50. These are going straight to the laundry to hold my washing soda and bicarb soda.

'Cause I'm rock and roll like that.

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