Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crafty Tutorial: Pom Pom Wall Garland

A while ago I mentioned how enamoured I was with pompom garlands, and over the past few weeks I've been slowly working on my own version. I finished the mini one last night and thought I'd share a quick how-to (they're super dooper easy though - you may not need a how-to!) and some of photos.

You'll need:

- a few balls of wool
- some scrap cardboard
- a compass or various sized tins/drinking glasses
- scissors
- time

1. Using the compass or tins or glasses, trace two large circles on the cardboard, with two smaller circles inside. Ensure that the smaller circles are in the exact centre so you get nice, even pompoms.

2. Cut out the outside circle, and then the inside circle on each of your pieces of cardboard. This should leave you with two cardboard doughnut-type shapes. They don't have to be beautiful, don't worry!

3. Chase your little helper around and retrieve your cardboard rings.

4. Measure out a length of wool (I usually do about three armlengths at a time, to stop it from getting too tangled) and start wrapping the ring.

5. Keep doing this.

6. And doing this.

7. Until you can do it no more, or until the wool won't fit through the middle of the ring.

8. Using sharp scissors, separate the wool to find the cardboard rings and carefully cut the wool, making sure your scissors stay in between the two rings. Cut all the way around.

9. Cut a length of wool and wrap it around the centre of the pompom (between the two rings) several times. Tie it off nice and tight. Be sure to have enough length on the wool to be able to form the garland later.

10. Carefully cut the cardboard rings off the wool and remove them.

11. Trim any long bits of wool, fluff up your pompom and presto!

12. Repeat for as many pompoms you would like, or for however many episodes of Kell on Earth you wish to watch.

13. Using the lengths of wool attached to each pompom, tie them together in whatever way you wish, leaving some extra length at each end of the garland to attach it to your hook/nail.

14. String it up and admire your handiwork.

There's something cozy about these little fluff balls, cozy and homely. I'm working on a bigger one for maybe one of the hallways or our bedroom, not sure yet. Maybe both.

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