Monday, March 7, 2011

I Went Second-Hand Furniture Shopping...

...and all I got were these over-priced glass jars.

On the upside though, they are really sweet, and we did find a wicked second-hand furniture place in Windsor. We've been past before but it's always been closed, so we were pretty stoked to check it out.

There was some great furniture, but we do still need to figure out the spaces in our house yet, and it would be good if the painting was done before we bought anything new. It's hard to be disciplined though - there were some gems there!

Already there were a couple of things I wish we had've bought - a powder blue chamber pot that I'd use as a succulents planter, a beeeyooootiful timber framed lounge ripe for reupholstering and some great dining chairs. But I'm sure there will be plenty of goodies to be found when the time's right.

We went driving on Saturday and ended up at Wisemans Ferry. So beautiful. I'd highly recommend the drive. Then Sunday we had an excavator around to quote for taking up the huge slab in the backyard (progress!!) and I made a valiant attempt to get organised around the house again. Fun things like sorting out the kids' clothes, paying bills, filing, tidying up the spare room etc etc.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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