Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Simpler Living 101: Single-Tasking, Not Multi-Tasking

Simple via Lougan Manzke on flickr

As you know, my aim with this blog is to document the ways I am trying to make our life simpler. After a period of huge emotional upheaval and anxiety, I'm (slowly) learning to value simplicity over busyness. It's a daily effort to remind myself that simple is OK. Busy isn't always better and crazy busy is almost never better.

In that vein, I've come across the idea of single-tasking, and I'm really making an effort to do that for at least some part of my day. It's where you commit your mind to the task at hand and only do that task. Sounds silly, but it means no checking emails on my phone when I'm pushing Isla on the swing, or no planning the night's dinner while I'm eating my lunch or having a cup of tea.

It just means I can really be in those moments, and really enjoy them. Then I can step back on the merry-go-round feeling a little fresher.

I like it because it tends to get me out of my own head for a bit, give me a break and provide much-needed perspective. Because stressing out about the ironing not being done is productive to no-one.

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