Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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So I've been pondering a little bit. Pondering what this Experiment is all about. Trying to come up with a good response to the question that inevitably arises when people say:
"Oh, you blog? What's your blog called? ...The Lavender Experiment? And what's that all about exactly?"
If I had five minutes I could give them a rambling repsonse, but no-one wants a five minute monologue answer, so I generally say, "Oh, well, um, it's about living simpler and greener. A bit of craft, a bit of repurposing, a bit of recycling, some gardening, cooking. You know." It does the job I guess, but I think it lacks panache.

This is what it's all about:
Living simpler by: decluttering.
Living simpler by: organising my life.
Living simpler by: buying less and making more.
Living simpler by: cooking healthy, easy meals for my family.
Living simpler by: budgeting.

Living greener by: reducing waste.
Living greener by: repurposing things into beautiful decor and toys.
Living greener by: using all-natural cleaning and body products.
Living greener by: buying our groceries locally and in season.
Living greener by: producing some of our own food at home.

I want to live simpler. I want to live greener. I want to create a home for my family that is beautiful, mindful and full of good memories. I want to show people that even small changes, over time, add up to make a big difference.

 Now, to condense that into a one-sentence answer...

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  1. Love it love it love it Brooke, that hi the nail right on the head! Well done!


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