Friday, May 20, 2011

3 Quickie Green Cleaning Tips

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I have two bathrooms to clean before the kidlets wake up, so it'll be a quick one today. Although hopefully still helpful!

1. Put down the bottle of Mr Sheen!! To do all your household dusting, just buy a microfibre cloth and dampen it with a little water. Or, as I sometimes do, a few drops of tea-tree oil. (Just steer clear of your TV screens if you use the oil option.)

2. Open your doors and windows for ten minutes. It may seem insignificant, but creating cross-ventilation can help rid your home of toxic emissions from our lounges, carpets, cleaning products, paint, etc. Plus, having stale air in your house causes intensely frizzy hair. (Or something.)

3. Potplants are amazing indoor air filters. Check out this post for a list of the top five indoor plants.

And in other news, Sparky managed to score our new across-the-road neighbours' chook shed last weekend, so it will soon be free-range, (very) local eggs in our house! Yay!

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  1. Quick simple tip about using plants as air filters. Love it! Found a great book for speedy green cleaning here -


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