Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy-Making: Smalls

The things that make me happy this week are BABES! They're everywhere! I'm in the middle of a delicious baby bloom with about 10 ladies I know delightfully up the duff. Oh, the glow! The shine! The roundness! Love.

And not surprisingly, it's making me clucky. Which, with a 25 month-old and a 4-month-old is where the madness lies. The madness! 

I also loved spending this morning with my nan and the kids. It was so super lovely to see her have a cuddle with both of them. It's not easy mixing the toddler with a nursing home but Isy did remarkably well.

Anyway... Happiness:

It's been pretty light-on here this week and for that I'm sorry. You know those weeks where everything that needs to be done gets done, but everything else is left at some percentage of complete (like, 12%). That's me, right here. But next week is sure to be all kinds of lovely and all manner of awesome, just you wait!

The weekend will hopefully see me get stuck into the painting at some stage, which is, you know, unexpected. I also have a heap of projects I've started or want to start, so hopefully I may get some time to do one or two of those.  I have spray paint and am not afraid to use it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xx

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