Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Green Product Review: Natural Instincts Stain Remover

Not the most riveting of topics, I know, but I have been longing to find a good, non-toxic stain remover for. ever. Up until last week, the stain remover was the one blip on my green laundry radar and it really bugged me. Plus it stunk. And any homemade remedies (like vinegar, baking soda, washing soda and lemon juice) were never quite up to scratch. And, in all honesty, were a lot more work. And I'm all about the easy.

My sister found some of the Natural Instinct range at a chemist and called me about the Pre-Wash Stain Remover. Yes, I most definitely wanted to try some! And here's what I've found:
  • It's non-toxic and has no discernible scent at all = winning!
  • If you follow the instructions (leaving a minimum of 5 minutes before washing) then it works just as well as regular stain remover on new stains
  • It even takes out some of the yellowing of old underarm or collar stains
  • It's $7 for 500ml. I've not checked but I think it's more expensive than the regular sprays from the supermarket
  • You do need to be slighly more organised to make sure you leave the spray on for minimum of five minutes. I usually spray my first load of washing the night before so it's ready to go. (Yes, I am a bit ridiculous.)
  • It's not quite as good at removing super tough or older stains, unless you apply it a number of times and wash it a number of times.

I'll definitely be buying this from now on. The fact that it's non-toxic alone is reason enough for me, plus, it works.

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