Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy-Making: The Simple Things

Isy has spent hours playing with these tiny animals I found for her last week. We build farms out of cushions and mountains out of beanbags. We feed them apples and have races. We make sock monsters to chase them, but end up turning them into tickle monsters so as not to scare ourselves.

I also love exploring and finding new things. This beautiful lagoon is not five minutes walk from our house and this is the first time we've been there. So pretty.

As for the weekend, it's shaping up nicely. The weather's meant to be gorgeous (great for painting = win), I'm getting a haircut tomorrow, hopefully catching up with some lovely people for a coffee sometime, a lamb pot roast, maybe a movie and some caramel popcorn (RED or True Grit? Decisions.)  I also bought some bits and pieces to start making Easter presents, so hopefully I'll have time to mess about with those too.

I hope you have an awesome weekend your good selves. xx

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