Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whoops! I kind of disappeared for a while...

Or more like four months. Sorry about that!

The initial idea was to get this blog up and going before the renovations started, and to have it well established before Baby  #2 arrived, but best laid plans and all that...

We have had Baby #2, now known as the beautiful Toby, and we have moved out of our house, renovated, extended and moved back in to our house. So I didn't quite get there. 

But I did get somewhere. Oh yeah, I think it was called Crazy Town. Population: me. 

I actually don't recommend doing those things together. It was madness. The builders finished on the Friday, we moved most of our stuff back into the bomb site that was our home on Saturday, my waters broke Sunday morning and Tobes was with us Monday morning. Mad. Ness. 

But I'm here now! With more well-laid plans and good intentions. So from today, we're back on the Lavender Bandwagon, with a few other interesting things thrown into the mix. Hope you enjoy.

In the meantime, please meet the newest addition to the family:

I will add some photos of the renovation over the next few days too - it was a massive job (much bigger than we actually realised) and the house is looking pretty unrecognisable. Mostly in a good way.

In the meantime, I've got a tonne of cool stuff to post so will keep at it over the coming days. Hope you enjoy it!

Brooke x

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