Monday, January 24, 2011

K.I.S.S: The New 'Do

Yes, it's a bad photo.
No, I'm not wearing make-up.
Yes, I am tired, thank you very much.
Yes, I do appear to be sitting in a store room.

But I did cut my hair clean off. And it is much simpler. 

A few nervous moments, but I am super happy with the result. Particularly when I take the time to, you know, style it.

I did make one (silly) mistake though. I got carried away by the hairdressers' product spiel and ended up leaving with a chunk of money's worth of salon product under my arm (shampoo, conditioner, treatment, styling paste). Of course, after spending a year trying to find natural body and hair products, this was a complete waste of money. Not only did the rich, synthetic, fragranced products make my eyes itch like crazy, they didn't do anything my previous shampoo and conditioner couldn't do (namely, clean my hair). So it's directly back on the Burt's Bees bandwagon for me, until I can find a better, more natural* alternative. I don't have a reaction to their products and they do a good job, so the search for a GOOD, 100% natural hair care range continues.

*Burt's Bees markets itself as being 98.7% natural. Some of their ingredients, as I understand it, are questionable.

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