Thursday, January 20, 2011

Renovation Nation

So here is the state of the union, as far as the house is concerned.

We are still very much mid-renovation, it's just that the builders have now done their thing. The rest is up to us and will likely take at least a year to complete. And that's being optimistic.

Anyhoo, some before, during and after-ish shots for you:

The front of our tiny house pre renovation. Scruffy, with an odd charm about her.

Front room (dining room), as you enter the old house.

Back room and Isy's bedroom.

Back of the house once the verandah was removed. Day One!

Stumps for new extension

Frame for extension

Back room taking shape.

Looking towards old bathroom (will become the ensuite). Wall in place for wet-area hallway.

Kitchen mid-renovation. The front door still needs to be moved at this stage.

Looking down the new wet-area hallway towards laundry. Toilet, bathroom, linen cupboard on left.

Cladding of the front mostly done.

Front of the house with new roof on.

There has been so much more progress since these were taken, but with Tobes' arrival, Christmas, moving in and settling back into a new kind of normal, we haven't had time to take any more shots. I'll try to get some more this week some time, because we now have a new deck at the front of the house, no builders' stuff in the front yard, flooring done, the kids' rooms almost painted... Yeah, there's been progress.

We're now looking at things like installing water tanks, finishing the back deck, removing the double garage from the backyard, putting in garden beds, painting (!!! inside and out), decorating, painting, hanging blinds and curtains and painting.

Can you guess what we'll be doing for the next six month's worth of weekends??

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