Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keeping It Simple, Stupid

In the quest to live a lavender life, or a simpler life, I'm looking for ways to cut the clutter and get rid of the unnecessary complexities in life. It might be doing things like cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen or having a garage sale (in March we are having a garage sale - it will be huge and there will be cupcakes and a sausage sizzle).

But to kickstart this semi-regular series, I'm going to simplify part of myself: my hair. It's a bit dramatic, but this weekend I'm going from this:

Taken a few months ago in Fiji. My hair is much longer now. And much tanglier.

To this:

The lovely Michelle Williams.

It will no doubt simplify my morning routine, it'll cut down the amount of shampoo I use, it'll mean less brushing, less drying, less straightening, less product! I'm quite nervous about it but need to do it. Otherwise I'll always wonder. 

Plus, then I get to wear pretty hair accessories like this:

Gorgeousness from 

I'll be sure to post my own (slightly less glamorous) after shots next week.

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  1. Hi Brooke! I'm so sorry for not getting here sooner. I'm glad you are back and I'm so happy for you with little Toby. I'm loving your new blog! I must say that short hair rocks! I shaved my head back in Nov 2009 and it was wonderful! I'm due to get it cut again and will definitely keep it short. It's just so much easier :)
    Take care of yourself and best wishes for your gorgeous family! x


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