Sunday, February 6, 2011

Renovation Nation

Midway through removing the garage.

Today the man who is buying our garage (seriously, if you have anything structure-wise you're considering removing around your house, try and sell it on eBay before tearing it down. We've sold a pergola and a double garage in the past few months. People are pretty creative about what they buy and sell too - Sparky's cousin bought a garden off eBay. A garden! He just went to the house, dug out the plants he wanted and took them home. Freaking awesome!) Anyway... The man buying the garage started to take it down with the plan being it will be gone by early next week.

Once the garage is gone, we can organise for the dead jacaranda to be removed from the yard and for the huuuge concrete slab to be excavated and removed. Once those things have happened we can finally get started on the rest of the rear deck as well as (excitingly for me) get a much better idea of where our vege garden and mini orchard will go. We will likely just seed grass the whole area for six months, to give us opportunity to finish a million other projects, but once winter comes I'll be building and preparing the vege garden so that we'll be ready to go come spring-time. And ridiculously, I'm already excited!

Aside from that, we plan on getting our blinds installed in the next week or so,as well as continuing with the interior painting. Now that the heatwave is (almost) over, we're feeling a bit more jazzed about the whole project again.

More importantly though, today will see Sparky install our new clothesline. While I quite liked having an excuse for not doing the washing, it does have a way of sneaking up on me. I guess I'll be climbing Mt. Laundry on Monday and Tuesday.

Hope your weekend is super lovely.


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