Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remedy for a Bad Day

Ever had one of those days?

The kids don't sleep well, you have a headache, there's six loads of washing to do and it starts to rain, you forgot to pick up the milk for breakfast, your jeans are too tight, your favourite plant is dying, the neighbours' dog barks incessantly and you discover a huge crayon scrawl on your fridge...

Wine often helps.

But if not, try this for a relaxing, pre-bed lavender shower:

Sprinkle/spray a few drops of pure lavender oil in the shower before you turn on the water. Once the hot water hits the oil it releases the scent and creates a beautiful, relaxing, aromatherapeutic (if it wasn't before, that is so a word now) lavender steam that helps soothe frayed nerves and calm frantic minds.

It really does help quieten the mind. Big fan, right here.

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