Sunday, February 20, 2011

K.I.S.S: The garage sale wrap-up

So, yesterday was the big garage sale day. And after what turned out to be a horrible week, it was the last thing I wanted to do. But thanks to Sparky and my family, the sale went ahead and was a pretty decent success.

The early birds were out in force ("Um, no, you may not open our gate to access our property. It's 7am.") but once opening time rolled around there were a tonne of bargain hunters ready and waiting. Sparky took the early shift and sold 80% of our stuff by 10am, and I sold the majority of the remainder before midday.

Not that the aim was to make squillions (good thing!) but we ended up making a few hundred dollars overall, which was great. Advertising costs were minimal ($12 I think, to advertise in the local paper) and other expenses pretty much non-existent. We bought dinner and added the rest to the ever-needed renovation kitty. (Something has to pay for the thousands of litres of paint we get through!)

Everything that was left over has either been taken to Vinnies already, or left at my sisters for a day or two to see if any passers-by would like to take them for free.

It felt really good to see all the extraneous stuff we've collected over the years go to good homes. It just weighs you down over time I think, and it was a relief to let go. I felt particularly pleased when a lovely young couple came by near the end and bought all my left over market bags from my Trove days. They're opening a store soon and needed bags and packaging material to get started, so they were well pleased.

I have to admit though that Sparky and I came home with quite a haul ourselves. I forgot to take the camera with me, but we scored super well. We picked up:
  • a Victorian plant stand that was Sparky's mums
  • a quirky round mirror I'm going to hang in the garden
  • two travel chalkboards
  • a big frame I plan on repurposing for Isy's artwork
  • two throw cushions that match the lounge perfectly
  • a book on raising toddlers
  • a colander
The idea was, of course, to get rid of things we don't need, but every single one of those will be put to good use. In fact, the majority already are.

I like the idea of repurposing or giving something old or mundane a new lease on life, so have added the frame, chalkboards and plant stand to my ever-growing project list. It may well take some time, but I'll be sure to share as I go.

I hope you had a good, fun weekend?? xx

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