About This Blog

'Experiment' may be a bit misleading. Let's say, instead, I'm trying to shift the way we live. Living more simply. More greenly. (I'm sure that's a word. Greenly.)

Living simpler by: decluttering.
Living simpler by: organising my life.
Living simpler by: buying less and making more.
Living simpler by: cooking healthy, easy meals for my family.
Living simpler by: budgeting.

Living greener by: reducing waste.
Living greener by: repurposing things into beautiful decor and toys.
Living greener by: using all-natural cleaning and body products.
Living greener by: buying our groceries locally and in season.
Living greener by: producing some of our own food at home.

I want to live simpler. I want to live greener. I want to create a home for my family that is beautiful, mindful and full of good memories. I want to show people that even small changes, over time, add up to make a big difference.

I hope you enjoy the journey. xx