Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Play Time! Rice


Playing rice is on high rotation around these parts. It's easy, fun, and the imaginative and learning possibilities are endless.

It's basically the same idea as water play, only this gives a different sensory experience, is good in colder weather and makes great sounds when poured into or over different surfaces.
You need:

plain, uncooked rice (a cheapie bag of No Frills white rice is great to have on standby in your craft cupboard/useful box)
various cooking instruments/noisemakers - whatever you have on hand really:
mixing bowls and measuring cups
wooden spoons
aluminum foil
baking paper
Let the kids explore and find their own fun with it.

Just a tip: I set this up on a picnic blanket, which makes clean-up really easy. Just fold the rice up into the blanket and tip it in the bin!

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