Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adventures in Op-Shopping: A Tale of Success and Woe.

Sorry for the recipe-heavy nature of yesterday - I guess the cold weather has my brain switched to the Food setting!

Last weekend was a busy one, but while I was waiting around for a doctor's appointment on Saturday morning I snuck into our local Vinnies for a quick peek. They usually have tonnes of kooky knick-knacks that are fun to look through, but the real gem is the furniture "showroom" downstairs. It's always hit and miss, and fun to have a look around.

I scored a great raw timber A1-sized frame for the princely sum of $3, that I have plans for (showcasing some of Isy's art and craft) and I spotted a delicious chest of drawers, that was screaming for a makeover and a new home in our living room (maybe even as a TV unit?)

I sent a picture message to Sparky that said something like: "$35?" but he sensibly reminded me that we actually need a lounge first. So I had to let her go. But it hurt just a little bit, I have to say.

I'm really enjoying the process of decluttering, but I'm also surprised by how much I'm enjoying scouring second-hand furniture shops, ebay and garage sales for new furniture for our house. I know it's not everyone's cup of chai, but I love the positive environmental implications of not buying everything new as a matter of course as well as the fact that these pieces have a history to them.

Bonus: this coming weekend is a long weekend (yay!) and it's also hard rubbish night for our area (double yay!) I am going to try and convince Sparky to take a scouting drive with me, but we'll see how successful I am.


  1. I love op shopping! It feels good to buy something of a second hand nature. I have been op shopping since I was a little girl. One of my favourite things is when you donate a heap of your own unwanted belongings to one charity and then find a heap of new treasures days later.
    Recycling, repurposing and living green - its the way of the future!

    Nic xo

  2. If only I had the time to op shop these days! That dresser is so groovy B.. I will lend you the $35.. don't pass that baby up! Hope you are feeling better. Al xx

  3. Alice Becomes: absolutely! Op-shop karma I call it!

    Al: I know, it was a gem wasn't it? When you guys come up for a visit, we'll steal a couple of hours and go op-shopping, promise. x


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